• Manufacturer Of Brake Components


As per our Quality Pillars - Some tests, check and inspection - we go through to pass the product before dispatch are listed as below:
  • All components are made only on the basis of the CAD drawings approved by the customers.
  • Design and drawing development is done by qualified draughtsman.
  • Spectrometer to ensure the elements for Material test.
  • Structure of the material is checked with the help of Microscope.
  • CNC & VMC Machining Process for all component machining.
  • Grinding Process is done on all the components as per requirement.
  • For dimensions, radius and various angles Contour machine is being used.
  • Overall run out & disc thickness variation (DTV) are measured using special apparatus with dial indicators.
  • All components are dynamically balanced with automatic balancing machine as per requirement.
  • Flatness of all components are measured with height gauge.
  • Regularly calibrated Micrometers, Vernier Calipers and dial indicators used for onsite inspection as well as finished components.

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